Lead Engineer – Web Crawling – Product Setup – Noida

Profile: Lead Engineer – Crawling Team

Experience: 2 – 6 Years

  • We are looking for a skilled and enthusiastic professional to work on various web crawling and web data extraction systems. The candidate must have hands on experience in web crawling/scraping, web data mining, NLP(natural language Processing), named entity recognition and machine learning techniques like Text classification, clustering , deep learning etc.

  • The role requires in-depth knowledge of web technologies (Regular expression, HTML, CSS, Javascript, XPath) as well as experience in technologies like Scrapy framework, Selenium, PhantomJS, HTMLUNIT, Beautifulsoup, boilerpipe, UIMA, OpenNLP, python-numpy, scikit-learn etc. Strong algorithms and Data Structures skills are a must.

  • Good knowledge of at least one high level programming language (Java/C++) and at least one scripting language (Perl/Python).

  • The candidate must possess good analytical skills and problem solving ability. He/she should be a team player as well as be able to work single handedly and take ownership of his work.

  • Be flexible and able to continuously upgrade and learn new technologies.

For more details please reach at prasoonpurbia@gmail.com


Data scientist – (4+ yrs) – Gurgaon

What responsibilities will you get when working with us?

  • You will be part of the team that is aiming to increase transactions on the platform by applying AI to how users communicate
  • Work towards architecting machine learning platform cutting across product areas and applied to problems related to chatbot systems, classification, recommendation, prediction, NLP and user modeling.
  • Conceptualize, design, deploy, test & iterate various AI driven solutions
  • Employ software libraries and modern tools and computer architectures (specifically Tensorflow, MXNet) to implement, validate and deploy models that achieve problem objectives.
  • Work on big data and data mining to assist supervised or semi-supervised machine learning.

What will you need to be successful in this role?

  • At least Bachelor’s degree (preferred in Mathematics, Computer Science or related areas)
  • At least 4 years industry experience
  • Experience with a production ready solution for solving chatbot or recommendation system.
  • Knowledge of the state-of-the-art high-scale deep neural networks for classification and recommendation systems.
  • Experience with multi-level decision trees and how to optimize such models for higher accuracy
  • Experience with deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow/MXNet.
  • Familiarity with GPU computing and distributed learning models.
  • Ability to learn new tools, technologies and algorithms as the need arises.

For more details please reach me at prasoonpurbia@gmail.com